Groups that have something to do with balloons.
Kilo, Luna, FIP, Focomi, Pao, and Jewels make up their own little friendly group.

Sparky and her coworkers make up another group.

I'll get around to naming the groups some other time.

===Deep into Balloons (or maybe bubbles)===
These are the characters who are deep into balloon related stuff more than most of the other characters for their own personal reasons. whether they're open about it or closed shut on the topic, balloons are a big deal to them.

-Kilo - (semipop) Balloons are totally his "thing". He has 'em all the time and is like a living magical (orange bubble)balloon generator. He really likes squishing them against himself or watching others squish them, and while he's not a fan of random popping, he likes them being squished to bursting as much as he likes them being squished without. Kilo also likes playing with balloons much like one would a normal ball. Kilo's pretty open about spreading the joy of balloons, even if he doesn't totally agree with the tastes of the people he shares with.
Kilo can do some balloon sculptures.
-Half - (pop) Half loves seeing balloons get squished until the bits go flying. He'd never tell this to anyone in his own words, but wouldn't miss a chance to coax others into doing it for him.
-Jewels - Jewels adores balloons and loves playing with them and likes they way they feel against her fur. She can hardly even think about them without blushing. But she lives with a rather large family, and doesn't want her family to tease her about it, so she tends to keep her interests a secret. Thanks to her sister Ribbons having a heavy crush on someone she knew, Kilo, Ribbons is aware of how Jewels feels about them.
-Focomi - Focomi has a general love of rubber (The way it feels on her, the way it behaves, the way it shines, etc.). This extends towards rubbery balloons.

===Balloons are Good Fun===
Characters who think balloons (or bubbles, not a huge deal of difference as far as they're concerned) make for good fun, but aren't as crazy about 'em as those in the above group.
-Luna - She made balloons her dayjob because she adores them and finds almost anything about them fascinating.
-Sparky - (SemiPop) A part of a group that is funded to make cutesy videos of balloon-play. Sparky just likes playing with balloons in general, but has a special place in her heart for sitting on balloons and bouncing on them until they pop. It reminds her of fun times at birthday parties and things.
-Amy_Bubblemaker - She had trouble working with any other kind of magic than bubbles, so rather than struggle to handle the basics of other kinds of magic, she elaborated on her bubble magic to make all kinds of items and things from it. She thinks of bubbleloons as tools and entertainment.
-Ribbons - She's obsessed with Kilo who is obsessed with balloons. So she'll go out of her way to do anything with balloons for his sake. As a result, she tends to directly associate balloons with Kilo, and thinks they're nice things. Especially when she can get him involved.
-Lea - (SemiPop) Lea didn't really care much for balloons, but after playing with Kilo and spending time with him, she realized that she likes sitting on balloons and bouncing on them to see how much they can stretch under her. She also likes to play games with balloons, like catch.
-Tammy - (SemiPop) She learned all of the balloon related games she likes to play from her friend Lea, and likes competing with Lea to see who can bounce the most without popping, or to see who can pop the most in a time limit.
-Mia - (Pop) While not really too big on balloons and inflatables, after spending years of her life teasing Kilo's tastes with them and using them to keep his attention, Mia's grown somewhat attached to the idea of a beachball as a seat, and is quick to admit that squishing some balloons until they explode to bits is a quick way for her to relieve stress while keeping her kittyfriend amused.
-Pao - (Pop) Guess where her name comes from? Pao is a producer of dragonnebubble material and harbors a natural affinity for bubble-based magic. She loves making squishy magic bubbles and popping them for a medium-loud snap, but she adores rubber balloons for their tendency to produce a louder sound than her own makings. Friends of hers often coaxed her to try to pop things by sitting on them, hugging them, or laying on them, which later grew into a habit for her to try first. But if she grows bored with it, she tends to tease with her Dragonnette claws.
-Glitter_Sparkles - (Pop) Glitter kinda loves crushing things under her larger form's butt. This carries over into balloons too. She likes the pop and thinks it's cute. When she crushes things in that manner, they tend to turn into tiny stars, which only make it seem further cute to her.

===What are All These Balloons for?===
Characters who aren't very much amused by balloons, but don't have much against them either. If a character isn't listed under any other group, it's safe to assume they fall somewhere in this group.

===No Thanks===
Characters that don't like balloons one bit and would rather them not be near them at all. There's not a lot of these.
-Fiel - Fiel doesn't really care for noise, and balloons tend to have noise potential with all the squeaking and whatnot. This doesn't necessarily mean that all of her characters dislike balloons in the same manner, though.
-Emma - She gets pretty antsy about popping. Her sister finds this silly though, and eggs her on about it when it comes up. Emma resents this.